Greetings Bio Scholars!
My name is Mr. Young, and welcome to my MORRISTOWN HS Biology class example student page! This page has several purposes. First, it serves as an example of the type of web page you will create during this course. Second, it is where I will put an example of each project that you will be required to complete during this course. The purpose of this page is mainly to compare it to your own page as we progress through the course so that you have a good example to follow.
Note: in addition to uploading your major projects here, you will also be required to upload certain class assignments. (I will let you know which ones as we progress through the course.) When you make your own page, you should include anything interesting about yourself that is appropriate.

Finally, you should notice a couple of tabs at the top of any wikispace page, namely "discussion" and "history." "Discussion" is just that.... a way for you to communicate your thoughts, questions etc. about any given page.
NOTE: Anyone can and will see this (including me) SO KEEP IT CLEAN & SCIENTIFIC!